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Friday, June 3, 2016


So. Two posters from two eras. 1935 and 2016. Germany and Great Britain. Compare and contrast. It's not so very hard is it? I mean the core message. Got a few problems in your life? Maybe even more than a few? And whose fault is that then....?

Then it was the Jews. Now it is the Muslims. What unites these poisonous images is the fact that at the time of their publication they were both deemed to be perfectly OK. Mainstream. The image of the 'Eternal Jew' was produced and pasted onto a million German walls care of the Government of the day. These days we don't do much pasting on walls. Well. Not real walls. Instead we copy and paste onto the virtual walls of the online face we show the world. I tore this hateful little racist number off such a page.

Take a step back. Have a read. And absorb 'They suck the western welfare system dry, outbreed to become a majority, lobby for their own laws and takeover.' How easy it would be to cut, copy and paste these words and move them from the 2016 picture to the 1935 picture. If I had copied out these words as a quotation and attributed them to Riechsfuhrer Josef Goebbels, 1935, would you have questioned it? Of course you wouldn't have questioned it because it is just kind of poisonous bile 'Joey the Crip' used to come out with on a daily basis.

There will always be racist poison leaking up from the sewers. Always has been, always will be. The time to start worrying is when the sewers suddenly burst through the pavement and pour a torrent of effluent onto the street. Into our lives. Into the world.

'Like and share if you are sick of it'

Like! For Christ's sake. Oh here is a nice bit of racist ghastliness. Oooh ....I LIKE that. It's absolutely scrummy. In fact I like it so much I'm going to share it with all my friends. When all is said and done, this is hardly usual behaviour. I am quite certain that very few who share these little Fascist messages would in a million years consider themselves to be Fascists. Oh no. Not even nearly. Instead they are merely listening to the thoughts of funny old Boris or good old Nigel. They're not fascists. They're good old boys. A bit of a laugh. Larger than life. The kind of guys you could imagine having a pint with. Life and soul. All good knockabout stuff. A breath of fresh air. Like that Donald Trump.... like that Herman Goering....

We are three weeks out from the EU Referendum and the race card is being played with ever greater ferocity. Can't get a house? It's the immigrants. Can't get a job? Its the immigrants. Can't get an appointment with your GP? It's the immigrants. Swarms of 'em. Millions of 'em. Like human cockroaches. Like a plague of locusts. Not people like you and me. They are different. They are dark of both skin and heart. Evil basically. When a whole race hatches a plan to 'outbreed' us in order to 'takeover' and steal all of our stuff, well, they really have to be seriously wicked.

The next step is to come up with some kind of symbol to publicly brand these sub humans who are so hell bent on outbreeding us and stealing all of our stuff. Like a five sided star which can quickly be painted on a wall by superimposing one triangle on top of another triangle. It's all basic stuff from the old playbook. You find a corner shop. You check out the name over the door. 'Cohen'. You smash the window. You spray 'JUDE' on the wall. You spray a five sided star on the wall. Job done. And when one night everyone gets themselves onto the same page and smash a million windows, you call it Kristalnacht.

'By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes....'

Oh yeah. Something wicked is headed our way. When good people seriously think it is OK to put this kind of racist filth on their Facebook pages, we can know for certain that wickedness is headed our way. You start with laugh a minute lads like Boris and Nigel and Herman and before you know it five million people go up the chimney.

I can't begin to say how sick I am of hearing people compare this EU hatefest with the Scottish Indyref. Such comparisons suggest that Vote Leave are akin to 'YES'. For Christ's sake. I saw Boris on the news last night doing his clown act for the good folk of Preston. I recognised the location. He had parked his bus up in front of the Harris Library. When the cameraman pulled back it became clear that a vast crowd of about 60 had turned out on a sunny Lancashire afternoon to listen to the poisonous words of the Etonian mop head. And that is supposed to be in any way, shape of form like Indyref when the streets were filled with thousands?

IndyRef was a genuine mass movement of all generations. It was all about hope not hate. It was euphoric. It was uplifting. It shocked the Establishment to the very core of their manipulative beings. It was people power in the raw. And it took lies told on an industrial scale by Project Fear to stop 'Yes' in its tracks.

And of course in the end the hate and the fear were enough to drown the hope like an unwanted kitten. And people seriously compare the magnificent optimism of 'Yes' with the malignant hate of 'Vote Leave.'

It makes me sick to my stomach.

We're in for three more weeks of this frantic hate. There will be less and less talk about sovereignty and the democratic deficit and more and more talk of the swarm of wickedness that threatens to wash our way of life away. Of how these sub-humans plan to 'outbreed' us.

And takeover.

Back in 1935 there were the maniacs and the opportunists. They all shared the same black uniforms. Few would argue that the likes of Hitler and Himmler and Heydrich were maniacs. But Goering and Goebbels? Instead they were lads who liked the good life. Champagne and Cociane and the very best of everything. Whilst Himmler perfected his industrial death machines in Poland, Goering gathered up an art collection to rival the Tate. Every Adolf needs a Herman. Or a Boris.

But of course it couldn't happen again. Never. We live in different times. Better times. Nobody could ever share pictures of foreigners and claim that there were evil plans afoot to 'outbreed and 'takeover'......

Really? I think not. The proof of the pudding is in all these homemade Fascist pearls of wisdom that are appearing on the Facebook pages of run of the mill decent people.

'Like and share if you are sick of it'

And let's not ever forget that Hitler didn't need the help of any tanks to take his seat in the Reichstag in 1933. He was voted into power fair and square by tens of millions of normal working Germans who were taught to blame every problem in their hard lives on the evil scheming Jews.

'Like and share if you are sick of it'

And now it matters little which way the vote goes in three weeks time. The rabid cat is out of the bag and baring its yellow, rotting teeth. If we stay, there will be more and more pressure on Government to crack the immigration whip ever louder. And if we leave, then there will be many who will demand that our restored sovereignty should be used to initiate a 21st Century pogrom. Get them out. Send them home. Ethnically cleanse our green and pleasant land. Ein Volk, Ein Reich. Because when people say talking about immigration and worrying about immigration isn't racist, they are absolutely right. It isn't racist. But when people start putting pictures up on their Facebook walls talking about 'outbreeding', it IS racist. It IS Fascist. It IS the thin end of a wedge that opens the door onto Auschwitz Birkenau. Which of course could never happen again. Shame nobody explained that to the lads on the Serbian death squads at Srebrinica.

'By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes.'

When I talk to community groups about the food parcels we hand out, the audience usually think I am a good bloke until someone inevitably suggests that things will only get worse and worse with all of these immigrants coming into the country. So I take a deep breath and do my best to to point out that it is the 1% who are bleeding the nation dry and not those who come here to make a better life. And all of a sudden I am not such a nice guy any more. Expressions harden. Body language goes all hostile. It would be easier to go with the flow. It always is. Just ask all those millions of Germans who really thought it would work out OK and went with the flow.

Going with the flow is not an option for me. I am a father of two mixed race sons. They have brown skin. They will always have brown skin. And who knows where the words of Boris and Nigel will take us. At first it will be words shouted across the street. 'Why don't you fuck off back to where you came from. You Wog'. And then they start to cross the street with faces all twisted and contorted with hate. Bad skin and brown shirts and heavy boots. Kicking and stamping and spitting. And then dog tags are hung around necks and numbers are issued and blood groups are tattooed onto the insides of upper arms. And ditches are dug. And people are lined up. And crows flap up from the trees when the stillness of the morning is disturbed by the sound of the guns.

And all of a sudden it is all far, far too late. Nigel and Boris are nothing but distant memories. Old before their time with faces collapsed by two bottles of gin a day. To ease the all consuming guilt. To blank out the murderous reality they helped to create. To hide away for the time when they used hate to further their loathsome ambitions.

In the world of Nigel and Boris, God help you if you have the wrong colour skin or worship the wrong kind of God.

'By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes.'

I guess I should point out where the quote comes from for those who don't recognise it. Macbeth. The witches looking into the depths of a dark and murderous future.


  1. Thanks for that. It needs said.

    Oddly enough I also referenced the Third Reich this morning, before reading your rather more erudite piece.

  2. It's truly disgusting, that, people find that sort of post acceptable.
    As you say, it could be the thin end of the wedge, leading to a nightmarish return to the darkest days in human history; let us hope sanity prevails this time.

    Project fear, versus project fear; nothing like the independence referendum.

  3. As "Scatman's World" put it
    Scatman, fatman, black and white and brown man
    Tell me about the colour of your soul"

    Then later on
    "My intention is prevention of the lie"