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Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Once upon a time I was a big fan of the BBC. What a long lost era it seems now. As a much younger man I travelled to plenty of countries where any kind of free press was a pipe dream. Most of these places were locked down behind the Iron Curtain. Crumbling high rise blocks and monumental factories belching clouds of brown smoke up into the grey skies. Aggressive cops and pot holed roads and nothing in the shops. And hushed conversations with frightened looking guys of my own age in back street bars. Talk of Keegan and Dalglish over great beer at tuppence a litre. Talk of the BBC World Service and hidden radios and keeping a careful ear out for heavy boots thundering up the crumbling concrete steps. 

Half forgotten days when listening in to the World Service could mean five years of hard labour.

Those times when the Beeb was a genuine voice of freedom to millions all over the world living hard, locked down lives. And yes, it made me proud. It was very much the best of British. How well it compared to the new breed of Thatcher loving tabloids who cheered on every swipe of a police baton into yet another miner's face.

Yeah, yeah. I'm showing my age. I have reached an age where I seem to show my age all the time. I guess over the next few hundred words I will be showing it again. So be it. 

The recent case of the hideous Unionist nurse and the BBC is depressing on so many levels. I think it is the complete and utter tawdriness of the whole affair which reminds me so strongly of East Germany.

It appears this loathsome woman pitched up for the Edinburgh edition of Question Time only to leave fuming because she had been deprived of her big moment. So she got in touch with the Beeb and reminded them of what she was yearning to tell the world. Juicy, juicy stuff. The poor beleaguered NHS nurse driven to a food bank by her Dickensian level of pay.

It's worth taking a moment here. The BBC receives north of a billion quid's worth of our money to be the balanced, level headed, professional deliverer of the news of the day. It's a hell of a budget. It is a budget massive enough to guarantee they are the permanent top dog. It means they have vast resources.

So what? So this.

It means they have enough people to look into things properly. So here is how things should have gone if the BBC remotely resembled the organisation they claim to be.

Got a moment boss? Thanks. I have been speaking to a woman called Claire Austin. She an NHS nurse, yeah? Been one for years. She was in the audience at Question Time but David couldn't squeeze her in. She's a bit pissed off actually. Anyway. She says her pay is so bad she needs to go to a food bank.

Bloody hell. NHS nurse needs food bank? I'm liking the sound of this. OK. Excellent. You best do some checking. Got your note book? Good. Here's your list.

1. How long has she been working as a nurse?
2. What pay scale will she be on?  
3. Where does she live?
4. Where is her nearest food bank?
5. Who runs it?
6. What are their rules for referrals?

Oh yeah, nearly forgot! The usual, right. All her social media. Facebook. Twitter. All of it, right? We don't want an accidental nutter on our hands. Two hours enough? 

Sure boss.

Time passes.

Knock, knock...


Hi boss. The foodbank nurse....

Sure. In you come. Grab a pew.

I'll go through the notes if that's OK with you?

Fire away.

OK. It seems she actually IS an NHS nurse, though she does quite a few shifts for an agency. BUPA.

The starting salary for a nurse in Scotland is £22,000. She's no spring chicken. If she's been at it for eight years or so I'm told she'll be pulling in over £30K. Then there's all the BUPA shifts on top.

So minimum wage times three, right?


Go on.

She's actually living in Stockbridge.

Christ. Stockbridge! As in average house prices of half a million right?


Go on.

I've been onto the local food bank. Obviously they can't breach client confidentiality but they are pretty adamant they wouldn't be doling out emergency food to anyone over £30K a year.

I bet they are. Social media?

I think we've dodged bullet sir.

Go on.

Let's just say it's an eye opener. Convertible car. Lots of pictures of her living it large in fancy restaurants. She spent New Year in a five star hotel in New York.

For fuck's sake. What does the bloody woman take us for? A bunch of complete twats? Just tell her to fuck off. Well. You know. Politely. 

Will do boss. Pity really. It would have been a good story. If it had been true......

Oh yeah. Story of my fucking life. If we could cover the made up stories we would be box office every night. C'est la Vie. Keep at it.

How nice it would be if the BBC was still the kind of place where facts were checked before being thrown out into the world. 

Sadly a rather different set of facts drive the BBC's agenda when it comes to domestic news coverage.

1. The Tories look nailed on to be in power for at least the next ten years.
2. When it comes to all of that lovely billion quid's worth of licence fee money, the Tories very much have their grubby mits on the purse strings.
3. The Tories are in the pockets of a whole bunch of right wing media barons who hate the licence fee and resent the BBC and yearn for the day when Auntie is forced to become 'pay for view'.
4. The best way to hang onto their swag is to attack whoever the Government deem to be the bad guys. Like the SNP. Like Corben.

So it was the prospect of putting the First Minister into the firing line of the Walter Mitty nurse was just too good to ignore.

You absolute fucking beauty! So what's she like? Will she bottle it or will she stick the knife in?

Oh she'll stick it in all right. Wait till you see her. You'd cast her as the nurse in Misery. What a face on her. You could cut bread with it.

Fucking love it. Love it, love it, love it. We'll have that jumped up little bitch hopping like she's on hot coals. It's done. Line her up. Nice one. Won't go unnoticed this.... yeah?..... 

Thanks Boss.

Sheila. Dial up London will you? get me Freddy on the line.....

Freddy!!!! .......Yeah, good...... Fucking excellent actually.... get a load of this... we've got this nurse lined up for tomorrow night.... a right hard nosed bitch... and .......

Brownie points all round. Smug glasses of port in oak panelled rooms where it is still OK to say 'Wog'. Pats on backs and invites to a decent spot of shooting in August. Expenses accounts waved through and pensions to die for and maybe, just maybe... well.... maybe even a 'K'......

And of course I feel pissed off on so many different levels.

I'm pissed off for being put in a position where I have to feel grateful to the Scottish Sun for exposing the dreadful woman. And I really hate feeling any kind of gratitude to the Sun.

As a YES man I am constantly pissed off at the endless, wall to wall Unionist state sponsored, tax payer funded propaganda.

But I am most pissed off as a food bank manager. Every year I accept invitations to talk to at least twenty community groups - church congregations, Rotary Clubs, Women's Institutes. And every time I have to explain how we don't get ripped off by armies of scrounging chancers trying it on for a bag of free grub.

I run through our referral rules. We do emergency food. As in last resort food. We often see people who are receiving their benefits in full who are finding life tough. Obviously they are. Living on £60 a week isn't anyone's idea of a picnic. Do we give them a food parcel? No we don't. Is this because we are hard nosed people who tell our clients to learn how to bake bread and soak broth mix and generally buck up their ideas?


We say 'no' because we have no choice. Were we to give emergency food to everyone out there who is trying to survive on State benefits we wouldn't be handing out 5000 emergency food parcels a year: we would be handing out 50,000 emergency food parcels a year. And we couldn't manage that. No chance.

So we need to draw a line. Which means we have to tell people trying to get by on £3000 a year we cannot help them. So what do you think we would do if the likes of Claire Austin came in asking for our help because she was struggling to get by on thirty grand a year?

Aye. Well. No prizes for guessing.

This is why food banks like First Base are the collateral damage of this tawdry tale. We are completely reliant on the £45,000 worth of food our local community donates to us every year. Without this generosity we would have to turn people away. And these would not be people earning thirty grand a year. These would be people with not a single penny to their names. 

By allowing Austin to peddle her lies on prime time, the BBC has helped to sow a few seeds of doubt. What's going on with these food banks? What do they think they are playing at doling out free grub to people earning £30K a year? I don't earn £30K. I don't earn £20K!

And the next time the viewer passes our collection bin in the supermarket they stop and think for a moment. Then with a small shake of the head they put a box of cereal back in the trolley.

Austin's nasty lies might well cost us thousands of pounds in food donations. Because as the BBC know only too well, people don't look deeply into stories. They merely absorb the bullet points. Food banks give food to people on £30K a year. Which isn't right. So I'm not giving any more. Why should I? I don't earn that kind of money?

So thanks for that. I can't see you losing any sleep about it. Instead you can dream of that lovely final salary pension....

And you never know......

Maybe just maybe.......

A 'K'...........   


  1. Got very angry reading this Mark, the BBC have done you, and others, a real disservice. All to score some sort of hit, against a government that is trying it's best, on the "pocket money" it receives.

    1. They could have mentioned that Scottish nurses are the highest paid in the UK,that at least would have provided balance and kept the debate nationwide.

    2. Nicola Sturgeon did make that very point but it was quickly skated over by the " anchor " who seemed only too glad to return to the " starving " nurse.

  2. Me too.

    It's worth adding that the BBC should have been mindful that this is a UK election, and nurses' salaries, and their ability to get by on them are the business of the Scottish government.

    In short her question really had no place in the debate on who would form the next UK government. However, it did, no doubt, do the SNP a bit of harm, so it was worth it.

    It probably didn't bother occurring to them that it might also have the effect that you talk of. Not of course, that they'd give a shit about that.

    OK. Hurt Nicola if you will, Austin. I'm sure that she is more than equal to you, but that you would be prepared to risk hurting people who actually DO require help is despicable.

    Can you imagine ever having the misfortune to have her as your nurse? I hope BUPA takes due note of her behaviour.

  3. Should this woman not be in for disciplinary action from NHS

    1. Not at all, aparently she works for BUPA not the NHS.

      The question ought to be: who chose this woman, who wanted to ask this question when she was in the audience at BBC QT in Edinburgh, but thought it would be better asked on the leaders' debate on the Westminster general election?

      Health is a devolved subject and not competent during a general election broadcast.

    2. She does work for the NHS, NRA? and Bupa.She was at uni with my friend and has been qualified for 5 year's. Living in one of the most affluent areas of Edinburgh shows she makes a good bit of cash.

  4. Odd that when this was pointed out during indyref#1 it was simply moaning YeSNP whining away as usual.
    Then it was the Brexit referendum and some folk in England started to notice it too.
    Then Jeremy Corbyn being slaughteted by the BBC had even more people beginning to sit up and take notice.

    Today BBC news and current affairs output by rights should warn viewers:
    There now follows a party political broadcast on behalf of the Conservative and Unionist Party by the BBC.

  5. You seem to be saying that the Tories are, at the same time, too right wing and exactly like Communist East Germany.

    The simple fact is that the BBC is leftist, for the most part, and is not therefore biased toward the Tories.

    As for Jeremy Corbyn, he's a Marxist and supporter of Communism, so you must be opposed to him and in agreement with him, at the same time.

    1. The East Germany I visited three times was a place run by a small bunch of gangsters backed up by a huge army of Stasi thugs. Is that left wing or right wing? Just bent as far as I could see. The similarity is the fawning media who do as they are told by the people in charge. Is Theresa May better than Eric Honneker? Of course she is. But our press have less excuse. An East German editor who failed to follow the party line would be locked up for years. They could very easily be forgiven for not attacking the government. Our lot have no such excuse. Their pathetic weakness is despicable. By the way I am no fan of Corben. He seems to me little more than a protest politician who has been vastly overpromoted. However the media hype about him being some kind of new Lenin is ludicrous. Were Labour to win and deploy their manifesto it would merely bring us into line with the likes of Sweden and Germany where publicly owned railways and free universities are hardly seen as out of control Bolshevism.

    2. Every single member of the BBC board worked as an advisor at one time or another for the Tory party. I can't be bothered listing them all and their previous roles. Feel free to look it up and then delete your "left" BBC bs.

    3. Right, so my own eyes are lying to me, Diarmuid.

      They're not.

      I've seen the BBC and its politically correct bias.

      The Tories are an irrelevance in this story, the BBC's biased and dishonest unionism is the real story here and that's what they did, manufactured a fake story to smear the SNP.

      Oh, and as for the Labour Party, they've been hiring actual communists to work for them.

  6. You are correct in thinking people might be detered from donating to Foodbanks I posted the following on my Facebook page. I will still give but if I believed this woman who earns more than my husband and I have for combined pensions I might have reconsidered however I believe her to be a liar:

    People who use Foodbanks are usually in distress and desperate. To claim you cannot make ends meet between your 5 star hotel New York holiday in December, birthday party in February where you were left to finish of the Bollinger and Moet, ask a TV presenter where you can buy the' Rose in a cool bottle' he was recommending in April then go on National TV in May to claim cannot survive on a salary of £22,300 per annum and need to use Food banks is despicable. I am a pensioner on a pension of £612 per month luckily my husband has a work pension so we manage. Every month we put a little extra in our shopping to hand into our local Foodbank. We feel embarrassed and guilty at this, guilty because we cannot contribute more and embarrassed that we have to do this. This lady is not the person I want my contribution to go to and I would be furious if I thought my attempt at helping those worse of than us was being abused in this way.

  7. So, there's been articles all over the media for the last couple of years about NHS staff, including nurses, as well as other public service workers having to use food banks. Almost all of these have been about workers in England so blaming it on Tory mismanagement of the NHS has been a default response. Nobody has gone after the workers who said they'd used food banks in an attempt to vilify them, senior Tory politicians have not resorted to telling lies about these individuals as far as I am aware. So when a nurse, be she NHS or BUPA employed (she probably gets paid less by the latter), makes the same point in Scotland she is accused of being married to a Tory politician, she's got an expensive house in Stockbridge, she's hideous! , you even approve of the Murdoch scum rag getting involved to discredit her.

    It's appalling the way that anyone who actually speaks out or challenges the SNP on key issues is exposed to personal attacks like this. You should be ashamed, and it's you who is behaving like a fascist by demonising anyone who disagrees with your views.

    1. Nurses in Scotland get a better deal than those in England and Wales. I think we are all in agreement nurses pay should increase but taxes have to be raised to pay for this. It is apparent she lied about a couple of things. Perhaps she lives outwith her means which is no one's fault but her own. Sturgeon handled it much better than May when asked directly about this. As someone who volunteers in foodbanks this nurses, even at 22k a year would not qualify. Our main priority is those who have had their benefits sanctioned, lost their jobs and not eligible for benefits and/or those who have been subjected to ESA cuts. These people either have no money coming in or 60 pounds a week. That is most definitely the fault of the tories. Telling this manager of a foodbsnk to be ashamed is atrocious. You should be ashamed of not being bright enough to see that the SNP have mitigated a lot of the tory cuts here in scotland. They are trying their best with limited resources and powers. The tories soldier on regardless of the misery they cause people and if you actually worked in a food Bank like myself and the author of this article, then you would see the misery for yourself and sling the mud directly to the source, the tory party.

    2. According to other blogs it was social media which blew the whistle within an hour or so and the Sun picked that up.

    3. I work for NHS Scotland as an Auxiliary Nurse and I thank my lucky stars every time I go on shift that I work for the NHS in Scotland and not the privatised death trap that is the NHS in England. This "Foodbank" nurse is a liar and a despicable disgrace to her profession. We are not discrediting her she has discredited herself!

  8. All I can comment on is what I see. We have been issuing emergency food parcels for 13 years now - well over 50,000 in total. Not a single one has gone to a nurse unable to get by. If there was the merest hint of reality about these claims we would surely have seen at least one case. We are forever hearing politicians claiming how easy it would be to live on £63 a week's worth of Jobseekers. Personally I think this is a ridiculous claim. But we meet plenty of people who manage to do exactly that - in fact several of them volunteer for us. This is why it annoys me so much when someone earning £30,000 a year tries to claim they can't get by. It is a complete insult to all the millions who get by on a fraction of that sum. So no, I'm afraid I am not ashamed. As for the Sun, well fair enough. As far as I can see they at least managed to reveal the truth for once. It was hardly the Watergate style investigative journalism - all they did was cut, copy and paste her Twitter and Facebook pages before she took them down. It would be utterly churlish not to give some credit where it is due. I doubt if you share the same kind of loathing for the Sun as I do. On 15 April 1989 I was in Hillsborough's Leppings Lane End. I was one of the survivors who the Sun accused of urinating on the dead. So believe me, I don't give them credit lightly. Is having strong views fascist? It really isn't. The whole point of having free speech means having the space and freedom to express your views as vigorously as you like so long as you don't incite violence. I have my views. In the last few hours over 20,000 people have turned up at this page to read them. Some agree. Some disagree. It's how it works in a country where free speech is still allowed. Long may it continue.

    1. What happened after Hillsborough was that the Government colluded with The Sun to smear the victims. That is not too different from what is going on here where we have Joanna Cherry feeding lies to theThe Sun to discredit an individual. As for dislike of The Sun, I don't think we need to establish a heirachy but it was clear to me that it was a vile publication a decade before Hillsborough. Free speech is something that I'd defend just as strongly as you but that does not extend to politicians maliciously attacking members of the public, that is exactly how facism works. I do have my doubts as to whether she ever used a food bank, but why pick on her? What about all the other NHS & Public sector employees who claim to have done so?

    2. You seem rather worked up Gillanian - given all the blindingly obvious holes in the nurse claim, why are you so defensive? Do you know which food bank she uses, maybe?

    3. gillanian, that story is about NHS staff in England a Wales, which as has been pointed out many times in this thread is irrelevant to this particular discussion, the NHS in Scotland, which is what is being discussed here, is a devolved matter, NHS (Scotland) pay their staff higher wages than the NHS (England and Wales) do, and while it is indeed terrible that those NHS workers are finding it difficult to get by, it has no relevance to this discussion.

    4. Why pick on her? Seriously? She went on national TV and said "I can't manage. I have to use foodbanks". She is a despicable liar. Five months after she was swanning abut New York. Her lies continue it seems, saying the next day she earns £22,345 when it appears to be impossible for her to earn that amount. Those in the know say it's likely to be in excess of £30,000. She's brought this all on herself.

  9. Chalk me up as 'in agreement'.

  10. Thank you for sharing.
    Even whilst she was sharing her tale of woe I was sat thinking "where did she go to get the referral".
    I earn less than most nurses and have 2 kids 2 look after too.
    The closest I will get to New York before they are out the house will be when Asda do the bagels for a quid.
    I have read elsewhere that she clarified the food bank use was at a "non disclosed" point in her life.
    I will allow her the benefit of the doubt and assume it was during periods of non employment.
    But that still makes it a misrepresentstion of the truth.

  11. Thank you for speaking out and for making crystal clear the damage that this dreadful woman has done to the recipients of your food bank parcels.

    I am sure that I won't be the only one who will pop in an extra tin or packet to help alleviate the effect.

    And thank you for keeping on doing what you do.

  12. Great piece , I will share if that is alright .You told a story that was not only believable but I'm sure perfectly accurate .In my own mind that is probably the kind of scenario that actually happened , only thing I'm not too sure of is reports the BBC contacted HER , not the other way round .It makes no difference they all got the outcome they desired , SNP baaad , Nicola Sturgeon will you stand down !

  13. When raising our children we don't say they're bad people because they make a mistake. So why, when the BBC is clearly a force for good in the world, would we condemn it for one episode which we perceive as a mistake? There is too much assault on the beeb from the left at the moment, assault which is singularly sectarian.

    1. One mistake - what a joke. The BBC is a state propaganda channel.

  14. What an absolutely brilliant exposure of HOW the BBC should have worked, & how it actually Does work.
    It is bloody ridiculous that this establishment gets so much money, to put out FAKE news on a dialy basis here in Scotland.
    Can't wait for the day we are Independent & chase them out of Scotland, & have a new broadcaster of our own, that will work on behalf of everyone. Just as out Scottish Government does today.

  15. Idiots, yes MI6 cheated the referendum results, and the Manchester bombing was arranged by May, and , and, and ...
    Get a life.

    1. Now now,You know that mi5 fixed the referendum results.

    2. Now now,You know that mi5 fixed the referendum results.

  16. daily politics - the spectator repeated this the next day - focusing on the scottish nurse - foodbanks

    great article

    im also on 20k and have donated to foodbank

    this was a smear job - lie - then passed on with with glee

    it's a public organisation which I'm forced to pay for

  17. The greatest con trick in U.K. Politics is the way the media fight elections on the Tories behalf by constantly deflecting every Tory created catastrophe on to the opposition and anyone else that they don't like such as immigrants.

  18. Mark thank you for this blog highlighting the potentially devastating inaccuracies in the BBC broadcast. As someone who receives the occasional food parcel, no I'm not on £30,000 a year, because of circumstances I find myself in I am fuming that the BBC could allow such a blatant liar to have airtime without doing even the simplest of background checks. Both should be made to make a very public apology and to give up time to support those very foodbanks they have jeopardised.
    Not that I feel I need explain myself but I have worked full time for over 30 years and because of mental health issues haven't worked for the last 18 months. My savings have gone, I live in fear of eviction, even though my arrears are less than a month I'm hounded by my housing association. If it wasn't for the support of the foodbanks I'd probably be destitute and on the streets. Thanks Mark.

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