I wear two hats when I write this blog of mine. First and foremost, I manage a small charity in a small Scottish town called Dumfries. Ours is a front door that opens onto the darker corners of the crumbling world that is Britain 2015. We hand out 5000 emergency food parcels a year in a town that is home to 50,000 souls. Then, as you can see from all of the book covers above, I am also a thriller writer. If you enjoy the blog, you might just enjoy the books. The link below takes you to the whole library in the Kindle store. They can be had for a couple of quid each.

Thursday, April 16, 2015


A couple of days ago I wrote a blog which I very much hoped would be a message in a bottle to float downstream through the ether until it found its way to exactly the right Drug Baron. Our local paper 'The Dumfries Standard' and the BBC both picked up on the story and ran with it. The result is the front page article you can see at the top of this blog. Surely the message must have landed by now! It is truly heartening when the local media is so willing to help out when this kind of vital information needs to be fed out into the community. So many, many thanks to Debbie and Jackie for your efforts. This is the kind of thing that can get dangerously close to giving newspapers a good name!

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